Oakwood University Alumni Association
Mentoring & Internship Programs

We Do More Than Just Alumni Weekend!

As an organization in our effort to rebrand and reintroduce ourselves to many current and former Oakwood students, and friends of Oakwood, we are showing how we’ve positively evolved and changed versus talking about how we’ve evolved and changed. Many believe the events and programming that happen during Oakwood alumni weekend is all that we do as an organization.  Your Oakwood University Alumni Association (OUAA) does more than alumni weekend.  In addition to alumni weekend OUAA does three mission initiatives  which are:

  • OUR STUDENTS – Through Scholarships
  • OUR ALUMNI & PRE-ALUMNI – Through Engagement Connectivity Programs
  • CAPITAL CAMPAIGNS* – April 16, 2018, final gift – $140K for Treehouse Student Center project. At the request of OU, we no longer raise capital funds for the University.

Being student focused the Oakwood Alumni Association is active year round and busy providing engagement and connecting opportunities between alumni and our students or what we call them, the pre-alumni. Perhaps you’ve heard about some of our hugely successful connectivity events such as the spring semester Midnight Pancakes on the Lawn or our fall semester New Student Frozen Yogurt Event. Both are student favorites. Our amazing students need more than these events to connect with a few Oakwood alumni. They need to connect with you.

Our Greatest Resource is YOU!

This year, we are rolling out new programs to connect alumni with current and recent grads for a mentoring and internship experience like none other. Thanks to technology, there are many new ways to stay connected.  We envision mentoring coast to coast with Alumni’s and current or recent graduates connecting with internships, mentoring, and more.  Together we can imagine a future where Oakwood graduates have a real edge: that real edge is you, partnering with us as we support our scholars towards their promising future.

Oakwood is known for the rich relationships of its people.  We are the heart and soul of what makes this place like no other. With God at the center of all we do, Oakwood University’s draw is due largely to its amazing relationships that make “The Oakwood experience.” Alumni know first-hand how powerful and life changing attending Oakwood can be.

Oakwood students will be able to connect with someone in their field and obtain real life experiences. What a great way to give back and lift up.  Our students need us as much as we need them to keep things fresh and new. Having a student is a huge bonus to your business or organization because they can provide a new perspective for you.

There are three important ways you can help. These ways are in providing Internships, Sponsorship, and Mentoring. All ways are important methods of giving back to ensure the next generation of Oakwood scholars has the needed support to be successful in life.

  • Internships: This is when you give an opportunity for a student to learn more about your business by offering a paid (or for college credit only) working opportunity.


  • Sponsorship: This is when you give a monetary gift to Oakwood student scholarships and projects.


  • Mentoring: This is a customized program where you provide insight and support about your field for the benefit of the student to learn more about your line of work.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions):
What are the length(s) of the internships?

  • Students are looking for meaningful internships in all fields. Each internship can be customized, but most will be a total of six (6) weeks in length. Each Department Chair will sign-off at the start of the internship. We will work with each party to find a fit for the needs of both.

What are the time commitments for each program?

  • Tell us what works for you.  Each program can be customized to benefit both the student and the alumni. Weekly meetings are easy via Skype, Facebook, or Facetime. These sessions can also be in person or online internships.

What is Distance Learning and is it possible?

  • Distance learning is when a student can learn something with the aid of technology.  Programs can utilize technology to learn more about their field remotely.  We hope to expand this program to allow in person internships in various cities around the nation.  Expanding this program to support our students nationally and globally is a goal.

I heard you are putting together a Resource Page. Tell me more:

  • This initiative is a new space we are developing on our website to connect field specific internships. It perhaps will be an inexpensive way to promote your business or organization, give back, and stay connected.

Let us know your interest and get involved TODAY!
Fill out our Mentoring & Internship Interest Form 

There are many benefits to these programs: more for the Alumni than the student. However, both will be beneficial.

Benefits for Alumni:

  • You get a set of fresh eyes on your project/business.
  • Giving back is always rewarding.
  • End of the year funds can go towards paid internships.
  • Access to new millennial friends that need your expertise.
  • With this volunteerism, your time is as value as money.
  • Helping a student is good for your business.
  • You can be a sermon in shoes.
  • Working with another Oakwoodite is nice. There are benefits to working with someone that understands your belief-system.
  • Low-cost advertising for your business in the Oakwood Resource Directory (another way to support each other in business and stay connected).

Benefits for Students:

  • Work experience in their field is very valuable.
  • Their textbook(s) comes to life through your eyes and sharing your experiences.
  • You can help a youth crystallize what they want to do with their careers.
  • They can impress you with their knowledge and maybe join your team after graduation.
  • Networking no matter the age is always a benefit.
  • Help them create a life experience they will never forget.
  • Working with another Oakwoodite is nice. There are benefits to working with someone that understands your belief-system.