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Our philosophy is, “we believe in and teach a comprehensive approach to life that balances mind, body, and spirit in such a way that students are fully prepared to serve the world while attending Oakwood and after they complete their studies.”  Our Oakwood campus currently does not adequately fulfill the students’ need of having a designated co-ed space to socialize and enjoy each other’s company in an open and comfortable setting.  Three years ago Green Hall was the old student center, but was renovated as part of the new  Peters Media and Communications facility. The University’s plan is to place the main student center in the proposed Wellness Center complex which is projected to be complete not for another 3 to 4 years.  The need is NOW to have a designated co-ed space for our students. 

UPDATE as of 2/1/2018:  We have successfully completed raising the initial $200,000 needed to start construction.  One of the major contributions that fueled the final fundraising efforts to reach this initial $200,000 was a $50,000 Matching Grant from Ellsworth McKee of Little Debbie’s.  Because of his generosity, Oakwood alumni were compelled to  step up and match his challenge.  We are also happy to report that most of the required building permits for this project have been secured by the University.   Construction is to start within a few weeks, therefore much of the major modifications and renovations to the space are projected to be completed by alumni weekend.  The only major component that will not be installed by alumni weekend is the furniture. Due to delivery scheduling and to take advantage of a $20,000 saving difference between furniture suppliers, we have chosen to wait until after alumni weekend on getting the furniture which is coming from across the seas.  The level of quality, colors, fabric, and textures have all been carefully selected to allow the final orders to be placed.  This is an example of how we’re being prudent with our supporter’s gifts and is our top priority.  The construction of this student center will take only 8 to 10 weeks and should be completed by mid April just before the students go home for the summer. The students can’t wait to experience the great possibilities for this space. 

The University, the alumni association, and the United Student Movement (USM) have already joined in this effort through their financial contributions & commitments to this project. Your Oakwood University Alumni Association(OUAA) is supporting the University and this project by already contributing $40,000 back in 2016 in order to start construction of the project.  Oakroots1, a fundraising team under the leadership of Dr. Laura Davis, Emile Parker, and Sam Bagley will continue raising as much as possible of the remaining $150,000 to complete the funding for the project.  They are asking for everyone’s support to help make this happen.   The re-purposing of Blake Center’s lower entrance area (As seen in the above KPS Group renderings) for a new “Oakwood Treehouse” student center will provide our students a wonderful space to meet, fellowship, eat, study, and pray for years to come

We all know Blake Center is the central hub of the campus which makes it the ideal location. This new student center will be a shared space that’s casual, having state of the art video entertainment, with a versatile design that would accommodate hanging out, eating, for singles, couples, large groups, and smaller groups.  A portion of the renovation will include plans for a “Treehouse Café” to serve “on-the-go”gourmet sandwiches, muffins, pastries, and refreshing hot and cold beverages.  The hope is to create this centralized place to bring our student community closer together to inspired, support one another, and thrive.  Your support to this project will be an immediate and impactful enhancement to the student campus life.  

-$100,000 University Committed Funds

-$40,000 OUAA paid down payment
-$10,000 USM Committed Funds
-$50,000 Mckee Matching Donation Challenge
-$50,005 Oakroots1 (An OUAA Fundraising Team) The Match

$250,005 Total Funds Raised and Committed by Partners

$200,000  Was needed to start Construction

$150,000 Remaining Balance needed to finish project 
(Note: Some of the $150,000 will come from procurement and construction cost savings)

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Give TODAY toward the New OU Student Center!  Simply select OU Student Center in the drop down menu.  We are encouraging everyone to donate as soon as possible so construction can begin soon.  Your $250, $500, $1000, $5,000, or more will be part of a new and fresh movement of alumni and friends of Oakwood that are engaging and connecting in a meaningful way to support our current student’s Oakwood experience.  For more details you may download the Oakwood Treehouse Student Center Proposal below. (Note: Since the initial release last summer of the Oakwood Treehouse Proposal some of the information and projections have changed to the above stated numbers and projections)
Thank YOU!

Your Oakwood University Alumni Association